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  • An Angel, A Devil, and A Girl

    (My gift to everyone. I think it’s better if I post whatever I come up with rather than just let it stagnate in my fan fic folder.)

    Hope you like it. And let me know what you think!


    “Dae… please…” I moaned as his fingers pulled on my nipples. He had me kneeling on the edge of the bed, naked and trembling . My hands were on his shoulders and I clutched at his clothes. It was only a few minutes ago that Seunghyun had his way with me. And now Daesung  refused to wait for me to catch my breath.

    “Please what, baby?” he asked as he pulled hard on my nipples. “Do you want me to do this some more?” he asked as he rolled the hard tips between his fingers.

    I whimpered at the pleasure. It was as if there was a cord connecting my nipples and my cunt. I couldn’t keep my eyes open. My lips trembled but I failed to speak. I threw my head back. Daesung could make me come just with his fingers just as Seunghyun could with his tongue.

    I almost fell back to the bed but Daesung held me in his arms, holding me close to him, and he settled his mouth on my right nipple. I moaned as his wet warm mouth gently suckled me. I knew I was getting wetter and wetter by the second. I wanted him inside me already. I held his head closely to my chest, urging him to suck harder, but Dae was enjoying himself, taking his time alternating between my nipples.

    “Yah, Daesung-ah,” a rough voice called out.

    I slightly opened my eyes and saw Seunghyun sitting on the couch near the foot of the bed. He was holding wine glass filled with red wine. He put on some pants but he left his chest bare, a sight VIPs have been dying to see for the longest time, I heard. I smiled realizing that I can get to see it every night again.

    Daesung didn’t stop licking and sucking me, instead he hummed in acknowledgment of Seunghyun’s call. The hum vibrated on my chest and I felt a heady sensation.

    “She’s dripping, look,” Seunghyun said as he nodded his head toward me.

     He was looking at my cunt. I gasped as I felt Daesung slide a hand down my inner thigh and slowly brought it to the apex of my legs. It was true, I was so wet from all this lusty stimulation that some of it ran down my thighs.

    I know that look… it’s going to happen.

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  • TOP Scenario (Teaser-Inspired): I’ll be your air

    I was feeling a little emotional… so….


    I couldn’t stop myself. I just had to stare at him. I consciously tried my best to keep my mouth from gaping. Seunghyun was giving me his usual dazzling smile while he stood by the door. His usual fashionable get up of dark pants, leather shoes and leather coat over a simple t-shirt was a welcome sight.

    It was really him. Its him. He’s back. And he has colored hair.

    “O–oppa… Your hair!” I stuttered as I began to speak, forgetting my plan of throwing myself at him once I he gets home.

    He frowned at what I said. His eyes narrowed and he looked at me like I was crazy. That’s when I noticed that he was holding a balloon bouquet. I looked at it and then back at his face.

    “We haven’t seen each other for a week and that’s the only thing you’re going to say?” he asked, incredulous.

    “Its green…” I said, still disbelieving what I saw.

    He smiled as he got in and closed the door behind him. He gave me the balloon bouquet and then he wrapped his arms around me to give me a hug. I smiled as I hugged him back. He pulled back after a while and kissed my forehead before staring into my eyes.

    “I know,” he said with a small smile. “Your favorite color.”


    His lips touched mine. The kiss was sweet, a sort of “hello, I’m back” kind of kiss he always gives me whenever we meet after a long time apart. For us, a week was definitely long. My heart beat faster and that familiar sweet sensation that starts from the pit of my stomach, the one I couldn’t get used to even after three years of being with him, started to spread to my entire body. I wrapped my arms around his neck and gave in to the soft urging of his mouth. He was the most sensual man I know. Not that I have a lot to compare to really. He was the only one actually.

    The thought made me smile and he pulled back when he felt my lips curve against his. He looked at me again with a frown. My arms were still wrapped around his neck.

    “What? My kiss is funny now?” he asked with his cute mock frown.

    I giggled like always do when his around. I couldn’t help even if I tried. He makes me feel so happy, so alive… so well.

    “Well, you were out of practice for a week, so that’s understandable, “ I teased with a straight face.

    He laughed and gave my lips a peck before nuzzling my neck. Though his voice was muffled I could hear his teasing words clearly. “Well, we could start practicing now again and again… and again…”

    I had to giggle again. His soft kisses on the skin of my neck were tickling me and his hands started to go under my loose cotton gown, lifting up the cloth until his hands were on my panty-covered butt. He gave both rounded globes a squeeze as he bent his body to continue kissing my neck.

    With surprising strength he lifted my up and I instinctively wrapped my legs around his waist. He left my neck for a while to focus on my lips again. He walked toward the bed as he kissed me. One graceful fall later, we were on the bed and he was on top of me.

    “Oppa…” I tried to say as his lips continued to weaken me. There was a small hitch in my voice as I called out the endearment.

    He was placing soft kisses on one exposed shoulder when I spoke. His head automatically looked at my direction. He looked at me with a small frown of concern on his face.

    “Why? What’s the matter? Are you alright?” he asked right away. He placed a hand on each side of my head and he looked down on me. He closed his eyes for a second and took a deep breath.

    “We can stop if you want to, baby,” he said with an expression fit for a martyr. “Just say the word.”

    He looked so sad when he said it that I almost laughed. But I reached up to touch his face as I bit down my lips.

    “It’s not that… But someone could come in…” I said hesitantly.

    Obvious relief washed his face and he smiled the brightest smile I’ve seen him do. He dipped his head down again to start kissing me again. My lips received him with no complaint. I would have but he lips were too much to resist.

    “You don’t have to worry about that,” he said as he pulled back to help me out of my loose gown, slowly pulling it over my head. “I made sure no one would disturb us.”

    His eyes were on my bare breasts the instant they were revealed. I was only wearing  my cotton panties under the gown. As if hypnotized, he stared at the round pieces of flesh as he talked.

    A sudden wave of embarrassment washed me as his appreciatively gazed over my body. I moved to cover my breasts with one arm, knowing how ell my nipples hardened with just his look.

    “Don’t!” he suddenly spoke. He smiled as he moved my arm away. “You are perfection.”

    He said the words with such reverence that I almost teared up. Frankly, I still couldn’t believe his mine. This now-green-haired god of a man who could make any girl swoon was mine. He loves me.

    He was kneeling on the bed between my legs and he was looking at me like I’m the most beautiful girl in the world. “You’re the perfect one,” I said quietly.

    “I know!” he said with a big smile. “That’s why were so right for each other. Were both perfect!”

    The joke was corny and we both knew it. We laughed as we looked at each other and as he started taking off his own clothes. Each piece was carelessly thrown to the floor. Soon, he was only wearing his unbuttoned pants and his socks since he kicked off his shoes too.

    He covered my body and kissed me again. I could feel the bulge of his erection through his pants on my inner thigh. I was getting all worked up too. I knew I was getting wet. His lips traveled down my neck and soon they closed over on hard nipple. I arched my back as he suckled at the pointed tip hungrily.

    I held his head to my breast, not wanting him to stop. The sensation he was causing to grow inside me was too god to let go. It was if the pearl between my legs knew exactly what he was doing to my nipple.

    He started alternating between my breasts. He was deliberate, sucking, nipping and licking at the hard points. He knew how I wanted it and he gave it.

    “Oh god…” I moaned as he gave my left breast, just below the nipple, a soft bite.

    He laughed and faced me. “Shh…” he reminded me.

    I bit on my lower lip to keep myself silent. He continued pleasing me, but this time, his mouth traveled further down my body. I stared at the ceiling with my mouth open as he spread my legs wider. He was now kneeling on the floor. I could feel his mouth on me, licking and sucking me through the thin cotton. I knew was getting more wet by the minute.

    I decided to look down and I watched as his green head move as he concentrated on my covered cunt. His hands were on the outside of my thighs, holding them open. I lifted my hips to his mouth, urging him to suck me a little harder. Just a little more and I know I’d come.

    But he had other ideas. He suddenly moved my legs closed so he could pull the panty over my legs. In a flash his head was back between my legs and his mouth at my smooth center. I almost screamed at the first touch of his tongue on my wet cunt. I pulled at his hair as he mercilessly attacked me with his mouth.

    “Oppa!” I cried as he lapped at me.

    I struggled between closing my legs at the intense sensation and keeping them open to get some more. My head turned from side to side. I went crazier when I felt one of his finger play with my clit as he tongued and nipped my wet flesh. It was too much. With a fierce cry and my legs stretched over his shoulders, I came. The sensation was so strong I felt myself tremble furiously that I didn’t notice him move away. I turned to my side and got into a fetal position as waves shook my body. I faintly heard the drop of his pants on the floor and the next thing I knew was him pulling my legs wide open again as he kneeled between them.

    “Let’s do that one more time,” he said with an almost cocky grin.

    With one hard thrust, he rammed his length inside me. I clutched at the bed sheets helplessly as his cock moved in and out of me. The bed shook with the force of his thrusts. He covered my body and he buried his face on my neck as I hugged him. I could hear his grunts and soft love words as his hips moved.

    I pleasantly bared it all, moaning and crying out when thrust especially deep. That sweet sensation left by my recent orgasm continued as he rammed himself inside me.

    “Oppa… oh god… deeper…” I moaned, loving his hardness inside me.

    It didn’t take long before I felt his whole body harden, signaling his release.

    “Come with me this time,” he said gruffly.

    One of his hands immediately went between our bodies to rub at my clit furiously. He did it fast and so well that I came again just as he did. I arched my back and held onto him tightly as I felt  the warm fluid from his cock shoot onside me as he came. I was mewling by the time he was through with me.

    I was biting my lower lip so hard to keep myself from screaming that I forgot to breathe. It was too late when I realized it and I gasp for air. The old ugly wheeze that I hate hearing myself make resonated inside the room.

    “O-ppa…” I struggled to say.

    Seunghyun immediately snapped out of his post-sex haze and looked at me. I tried to take a deep breath and ended up choking on my own air. One of my hand struggled for the inhaler I always keep beside my pillow.

    “It’s alright.,” he said calmly as his long arm reached for the little blue plastic container. He held my head my head with one of his hands while we both held onto the inhaler as I positioned it in my mouth and squeezed it.

    “Just relax, baby,” he said softly as he held his hand over my mouth to help me hold the medication in for a few seconds. “Hold it in,” he whispered.

    After a while, my breathing returned to normal although I could still feel the tingling in the tips of fingers due to the lack of oxygen. He let go of my head and pulled a pillow to place under it. He rested his forehead on mind and held my face with one hand. I could feel his heart beating as our bodies were still close together.

    “I’m sorry,” he whispered with his eyes closed. “I’m such a jerk. I should have waited till you’re out of the hospital.”

    I touched his face and he opened his eyes. “Oppa, it’s not like I didn’t enjoy it,” I said with a small smile.

    He gave a small laugh and grimaced suddenly. “I don’t know if you’ve noticed… I’m still inside you,” he said helplessly. He looked really angry with himself at the moment.

    “I know. I like it that way,” I said as I hugged his body and moved my hips, trying to show him I didn’t mind one bit that he took me in my hospital room.

    He smiled but he still pulled out of me, gently moving away. He picked up my underwear and my loose hospital gown. Naked, he helped me put back my clothes on before he did.

    “I’m building you your own hospital room in the condo for the next time you need hospitalization for asthma,” he said with a smile. “With an oxygen tank and all these,” he said as his hand swept the small hospital room with all its small monitors.

    I smiled as I watched him dress. “I don’t really need that,” I said silently and with a bit of embarrassment. “I have you… and my puff.”

    He laughed. “Well that kind of makes me jealous of your puff.”

    I laughed at his joke, but I also felt guilty. “I’m sorry for being so sickly, Oppa.”

    His face turned serious and he sat beside me on the bed. “Don’t say that. It’s not your fault.”

    “Arghh… I just wish I don’t need so much air all the time,” I said exaggeratedly.

    “I’ll be your air,” he said with a smile.

    I looked at him. “Oppa, you’re so corny.”   

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  • TOP Scenario Teaser: I’ll Be Your Air

    I couldn’t stop myself. I just had to stare at him. I consciously tried my best to keep my mouth from gaping. Seunghyun was giving me his usual dazzling smile while he stood by the door. His usual fashionable get up of dark pants, leather shoes and leather coat over a simple t-shirt was a welcome sight.

    It was really him. Its him. He’s back. And he has colored hair.

    “O–oppa… Your hair!” I stuttered as I began to speak, forgetting my plan of throwing myself at him once I he gets home.

    He frowned at what I said. His eyes narrowed and he looked at me like I was crazy. That’s when I noticed that he was holding a balloon bouquet. I looked at it and then back at his face.

    “We haven’t seen each other for a week and that’s the only thing you’re going to say?” he asked, incredulous.

    “Its green…” I said, still disbelieving what I saw.

    He smiled as he got in and closed the door behind him. He gave me the balloon bouquet and then he wrapped his arms around me to give me a hug. I smiled as I hugged him back. He pulled back after a while and kissed my forehead before staring into my eyes.

    “I know,” he said with a small smile. “Your favorite color.”


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  • TOP Scenario: A Sweet Welcome

    You gasped as he thrust inside one more time. He let out a small grunt and placed his hand under the small of your back, positioning you for a deeper entry. Sweat filmed his forehead as he focused on your pleasure and his. Your hands were on his shoulders, your legs wrapped around his hips.

    For a second, he looked at you and smiled.

    “I love how you’re so tight,” he whispered as he pushed in, eliciting another gasp from you.

    How you missed him. It’s been so long. Lovers shouldn’t be away from each other for such a long time. But you endured it all. All the nights that you longed for him to come back. His sweet face, his body, his laugh…. You missed it all. And now he’ here. Finally.

    “Oppa, I missed you,” you whispered shyly.

    Seunghyun laughed and dipped his head to kiss your lips before responding to your adorable revelation.

    “Of course, you did. I can feel it,” he teased, whispering against your ear, with a swivel of his hip. “I love how wetly you missed me.”

    You would have giggled, but he pushed inside you one more time. “Oppa!”

    You wrap your legs around his hips as his movements become faster. He kissed you as he moved deep. You knew he was enjoying the look on your face. He watched you intently as you as you thrashed beneath him, your eyes closing at one second and opening wide at the next at the sensation of his erection gliding in and out of you. You look at him as your mouth opened in a small gasp.

    He reached down between your bodies. You felt his hand on your belly, giving your baby fat a small pinch and caressing your navel lightly. Then, he moved it lower. His thumb found your clit. His hips slowed as his thumb circled the small nubbin of flesh.

    “Did you miss Oppa doing this to you, baby?” he whispered.

    His other hand was now cupping your butt, holding you closer to him. He moved his hips and started thrusting again as he played with you.

    You could barely breath as sweet sensations start to spread from between your legs. You arch your back and gasp as he moved faster.

    “Tell me baby,” he urged through his own ragged breathing. “Tell Oppa…”

    Suddenly his wicked thumb left your clit and he placed both his hands on the small of your back to raise you up, seating you astride on his lap, impaling you on his cock. You

    Your eyes were closed the entire time. You moaned and whimpered with each movement of his thick length inside you. You held onto his shoulders as he tried to control your movement.

    “I mi–missed you…. Oppa… oh god… ohh…” you moan as you rode him.

    You were delirious with pleasure. It’s been three months since you’ve both made love. All those nights you’ve spent wanting, imagining your fingers were his cock lunging inside you as it did now, moaning his name with your dull release. But you knew that when he comes back, he’ll make up for the long absence with the most incredible sex. And he never fails to deliver.

    “Do you know how much I’ve thought of doing this for the past three months?” Seunghyun grunted as he held your head to make you face him. “I think of you every night. I get so hard it hurts.”

    You whimper as you imagine him in his hotel bed, sweaty and naked.

    “But my hand could never compete with your tight cunt, baby…” his dirty confession was accentuated with a strong upward thrust of hips. You blush at his words and at the thought of him jerking off. Your vivid imagination only fueled your own desire. You moved on him faster, using your strength to get him deeper inside you.

    “Shit…” you hear Seunghyun exclaim as you moved. But he laughed as he looked at your breasts which bounced with your movements.

    His lips found one hard tip and he sucked so hard you stopped moving. You gave out along moan as he suckled your sensitive peak. It was as if your nipple has a direct line to your clit. You feel yourself tremble and starting to come. His lips were going to make you go over the edge.

    “Oppa… I’m.. I’m co–..” you breathe out the words.

    But he suddenly stopped and looked at you with a teasing smile. “Not yet, baby.”

    Without warning and with you still trembling in the brink of pleasure, he pulled out of you and moved you to your hands and knees. Your hair fell over your face as he kneeled behind you.

    “Keep your thighs together, baby. I want you tight…” he ordered gutturally.

    You obeyed without question, excitement running through your veins at the order. He was going to take you like this again.

    You felt the tip of his cock brush your already swollen entrance. He was teasing you… he wants you to beg.

    “Oppa… Please… I want it…” you whimpered as you moved your hips back, enticing him to get inside you.

    Seunghyun laughed. “What do you want, baby? This?”

    He gave no warning as he thrust inside you. In one stroke, his entire length was welcomed by you already wet cunt.

    He covered you back with his chest and moved your tresses to one side so he could lick the skin of your neck. Then he placed his hands over yours as he thrusts from behind. Your fingers interlaced as his mouth busied itself with your neck. Your mouth parted a little and your eyes closed as your neck arched.

    “I love taking you this way…” he whispered in your ear. “You like it too, don’t you?”

    You were unable to answer him; instead, you bit your lower lip as you slowly nodded your head.

    “Well, you’re going to like this one better,” he said meaningfully.

    You felt his hands leave yours. He wrapped his arms around you instead, forcing you to kneel parallel to him. The moved pushed his cock deeper inside you.

    You knew then that this was what he’s been planning to do to you since he appeared at your door, fresh from the airport. His hips bucked, ruthlessly impaling himself inside your cunt, made tighter by your closed legs. You were unable to move since he trapped your arms to your sides with one of his arms while his free hand fondled and squeezed your breasts.

    Your moans filled your small bedroom you felt yourself go over. You screamed his name several times as you felt your cunt squeeze him tighter. He knew you were cuming and so he moved his hand to play with your clit, doubling your pleasure.

    “Arghh…” you heard him groan. He was going to cum soon too. He released you, and your upper body helplessly fell on the  bed as he continued his ministrations. He wasn’t through yet. With your bodies still connected he pushed inside you again and again as you lay your cheek on the soft sheets, your hands fisted in pleasure.

    His hand were on your waist moving your body to welcome his every entrance. And with one final thrust he came inside you I  hot jets, filling you.

    He came with a loud shout. And he weakly covered your body with his. He kissed the back of neck and whispered, “I love you.”

    You smiled as you close your eyes.

    But then…

    “Damn, that was good…” another man’s familiar voice said.


    You’ve guessed it… its another threesome adventure! LOL!

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  • SEUNGRI Scenario: Seungri’s Good Deed

    Seungri could feel excitement run through his veins as he and his Youngbae hyung silently got inside the elevator before anyone else. The feeling somewhat similar to what he feels before a performance, although not quite. With a stage performance, he works hard to please the crowd, making them scream with fervor and maybe driving them a little crazy. But with the kind of performance he has in mind at the moment, he won’t be the one working hard to please anyone. He’s going to make sure somebody else is going to work hard to please him. Particularly, somebody long-legged and blonde.

    He smiles as he watches his hyung keep the elevator doors open. They bribed the elevator boy to get off. Anytime soon, the one who’ll be working her ass off to please him will walk through those doors and right into his little trap. He notices that his hyung kept a serious face. He didn’t even smile when he told the guys that he’ll take care of the problem that two women are causing.

    When the four of them overheard the heated exchange between Seunghyun hyung and the two models, they were shocked. But they quickly got over it when Jiyong hyung said that they needed to do something fast. And, well, Youngbae hyung said he’ll take care of it.

    The rest of them saw how serious his expression was and they were actually taken aback. He seems to be very mad. He then turned Seungri and said, “Let’s go.”

    With those two words alone, Seungri knew what his hyung was going to do and what he wanted him to do. They’ve done this a few of times in Japan before and it was only for fun.  Seungri couldn’t believe that their dirty little “hobby” could potentially save Seunghyun hyung.

    “Hyung, are you okay?” Seungri asked cautiously.

    “Huh?” Youngbae turned to look at Seungri as he snapped out of his deep thoughts. “Yeah. You know what to do. Just make sure to ask Veronica if they have other copies of the pictures, and I’ll take care of Celeste.”

    I’ll do more than ask, Seungri thought as he smiled. “No problem.”

    Barely a minute has passed when the two women got in the elevator. They were too distracted to notice Seungri and Youngbae. It seems noona and hyung’s kissing scene pissed off Veronica and Celeste.

    Celeste angrily pushed the elevator button for the ground floor. Her face was red.

    “That stupid bitch. She’ll regret this. They both will,” Celeste murmurs.

    “They’re weird. I can’t believe she didn’t get angry at those pictures,” Veronica wondered aloud.

    “It’s because they love each other,” Youngbae spoke. The women turned to them, surprise written on their faces. Soon, they were at the ground floor.

    The elevator doors opened and Youngbae unceremoniously dragged Celeste out the door. The model almost tripped with the force of Youngbae’s pull and immediately started screaming.

    “Let go of me!” Celeste screamed.

    Youngbae didn’t, of course. But he stopped to squeeze the woman’s right cheek between his thumb and fingers.

     “Shut your mouth,” Youngbae ordered in a voice that was not really like him. He was smiling, but there was an edge to his tone of voice.

    Celeste clamped up when she saw how threatening Youngbae was and allowed herself to be pulled towards his car.

    Meanwhile, Veronica stood dumbfounded and watched the whole thing. Seungri, on the other hand, watched her as he leaned against the wall of the elevator.  The doors were about to close again when Veronica snapped out of her shock and attempted to go out. But Seungri grabbed her arm to stop her, allowing the doors to close again. Seungri immediately pushed the button to get to the top floor of the hotel.

    “Ah-ah. I have other plans for you,” he whispered to the woman’s ear as he drew her closer to his body. “Besides, Youngbae hyung’s not really into threesomes.”

    Veronica felt a small tremor; Seunrgi’s warm breath grazed the side of her neck. Although she was a taller than Seungri by two inches because of her 3-inch stilettos, his presence was enough to intimidate her. Veronica had always found Seungri to be rather annoying.

    “What do you think you’re doing?” Veronica demanded. Her voice almost a scream. She struggled to get out of Seungri’s grip.

    Seungri just smiled and let her go. “Taking those pictures of hyung was not a very nice thing to do.”

    Veronica smiled a she rubbed her arm, a little painful from Seungri’s grip. “You’d never get anything from me. TOP is going to pay for what he did.”

    Seungri laughed and rubbed the back of his head. “I have no plans of getting anything from you.” Seungri drew near her again and looked into her eyes. “You’ll give me everything yourself.”

    The doors opened and they were at the top floor. Seungri pulled her out of the elevator. Everything happened so fast that she didn’t have time to react. By the time she was able to catch her breath, they already entered a room. Seungri locked the door.

    Veronica felt the cool rush of air on her skin, especially since she was just wearing her skimpy little dress. It was a little dark. They were all alone.

    She suddenly felt really scared.

    “What are you going to do with me?” she asked quietly, fear gripping her entire body.

    Seungri just gave her his trademark arrogant smile and without warning pushed her against the wall. She dropped her small purse as Seungri locked her against the wall… and kissed her. Slowly at first. Veronica was too shocked to do anything but let his lips play with hers.

    Veronica tried to resist, if he was going to… But she realized…

    She didn’t think that Seungri could kiss like this.

    Slowly she started answering the kiss back. She grabbed the hair on the back of his head and started playing her favorite game—making out with superstars.

    Seungri smiled. If there was one interesting thing she heard about Veronica, she was especially…aggressive.

    Seunri’s hand slowly made its way on the front of Veronica’s thin dress. He palmed her left breast while his other hand held the back of her head. Soft muffled moans emanated from Veronica’s throat. Her hands grabbed the sides of Seungri’s clothes.

    In a matter of minutes, the two shared angry kisses, with Seungri aggressively responding as well. His hand never left Veronica’s breast, alternately squeezing it and playing with is pebble-hard nipple. His ministrations started showing the effects he had in mind. One of veronica’s legs slowly wrapped itself around his waist. The leggy model also stared rubbing herself on Seungri, seeking  release.

    Seungri suddenly stopped kissing Veronica. He let go of her head and removed his hand from her breast. He looked at her flushed face and said, “Take the leg off my me, sweetheart. I’m not some pole you can just rub on.”

    Disbelief crosses the model’s face. But she was so aroused that she immediately removed her leg and moved to kiss Seungri again.

    “No.” Seungri said as he held her wrists.

    “But, c’mon baby… I can make you feel so good.” Veronica whispered, still trying to kiss Seungri.

    The mangnae laughed. “Just a few minutes ago, you wanted to make Seunghyun hyung feel good! I have no interest in any of my hyungs sloppy seconds…” he said as he moved away. “I’ve changed my mind…”

    “No! Please, I’ll do anything….” Veronica begged. “Just… do something… to me…” she whispered as her hand slithered down between her legs. She pulled up her dress to her waist, exposing her creamy legs, her middle finger slowly going back and forth over her visibly wet lacy thong. She leaned back against the wall helplessly as her knees started to tremble. Her eyes closed as she breathe heavily.

    “Please…” she moaned, seduction dripping from her voice.

    Seungri secretly smiled. Just as I expected, he thought. He placed one hand inside his pocket and casually walked back in front of the aroused model.

    He stood in front of her. Using one of his feet, he spread Veronica’s  legs wider by pushing each further to the side. Without warning, he placed on of his hands over hers, over her own stroking fingers.

    “Well, if you want me that bad…” he whispered as his fingers started taking over hers. Veronica removed her own fingers and held onto the wall as much as she could. Her knees tremble more as Seungri’s fingers vigorously stroke her. Seungri moved the flimsy cloth to the side so his  middle finger could get inside her.

    Veronica placed her hands on Seungri’s shoulders. Wet sounds created by Seungri’s invading finger could be heard amidst Veronica’s  sighs and moans. She was so near… Just a little more…

    But Seungri suddenly stopped. Veronica opened her eyes.

    “Give me the pictures or I’ll leave.” Seungri said, his face serious.

    Panicking at the threat, Veronica gave her phone up, struggling to find it in her fallen purse.

    “Please,” she begged, her hips moving as she handed the phone.

    Seungri smiled. As he held the phone in his hand, scrolling down to find the pictures so he could delete them, his other hand fulfilled his promise. Like a man hard at work, Seungri worked his finger inside Veronica. Soon, two of his finger were inside him, making the woman scream. Her hips moved restlessly, riding the object of her pleasure.

    “Damn,” Seungri whispered as he looked at Veronica’s flushed face.

    Finished with the phone, he gave the phone back to the moaning Veronica, placing it in a trembling hand and forcing her to hold onto it. He placed on palm against the wall at the side of her face, and drew his head closer to her face to give her a kiss.

    Then he worked his finger harder inside her.

    “Ohhh!” Veronica screamed as the sweet assault on her cunt made her come, drenching Seungri’s hand. She dropped her phone, the gadget shattered on the floor.

    Spurts of her juices wet the floor and the legs of Seungri’s pants.  Seungri removed his fingers and haphazardly wiped it on Veronica’s dress. Her legs gave away and she kneeled on the floor, still trembling and giving out soft moans as her orgasm consumed her. Her legs twitched as she sat on the cold concrete.

    Taking out his own phone, Seungri took a picture of Veronica’s shame.

    With smug satisfaction, he placed the phone back in his pocket after looking at it a devilish smile.

    “Never think you can blackmail Seunghyun hyung again,” he said quietly before turning his back, leaving the scheming Veronica satisfied yet shamed.

    Never mess with the Panda…